viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010


Hellow my dear friends,i just want to wish you a happy happy new year,i wish for all of you girls you end this year and start the new year full of health,happy,toguether with all your family and i wish you the best since the buttom of my heart....with all my love ....Laura.

martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010

Happy new year!

I want to thank you all for yout visits to my blog this year,i know i wasn't so present in my blog as i wanted to,it was a very hard year for me,i was not abble to work or give more importance to my blog,but i thank you all for your beautiful comments and attentions,i hope with all my heart this year put much more attention to my blog..May you all have a wonderful new year full of peace harmony health love and may all your wishes come true..with all my love ....Laura


sábado, 25 de diciembre de 2010


Congratulations for this beautiful day!!
I hope you are having a beautiful Christmas an a beautiful new year,no matter i dont know you in person i really feel you a part of my life,all my best wishes for you all ..
My dear Isabel and family and my dear Monica sweet girl,Shirley(My dear dear Nanny Flash),Merry,Diana,Doris,Phonix,Sheryl,Vanja,Saska..all the best for you and all your loved familys i love you all....MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

sábado, 27 de noviembre de 2010

Thank you so much Cheryl

I want to thank Cheryl for this magnificent award,she have a beautiful word,she have an amazing blog,full of beautiful images,you should visit this blog,it is really a wonderful blog.
One of the questions is what make's your blog special,tell 3 things about this.....i really dont have an answear because i dont feel my blog is special..but i pass this award to special blogs for me....

Again,one apologyze for not be here in my blog...

This past months the things in my life has been complicateds between the marriage of my girl,things of health,work,thanks God...i haven't time to be in my pc,several times i promess this gonna change,i hope this time i can make it,i really feel so much love for all of you and i feel worryed that one day you stop visiting my blog,i hope this never happen....i send you all my love...Laura.

viernes, 13 de agosto de 2010

Muchas gracias querida Isabel.

I want say thanks to a wonderful woman..Isabel,she have a wonderful blog where you can find wonderful recipes and very nice comments....the first time i acces to her blog i stay impressed ,she had one recipe for prepare brownies in microwave in only 5 minutes,i couldn't resist in prepare them,and i say to her,thanks for this wonderful brownies i already copy and i say to her they was so perfect!,this is the way i started my friendship with her.The first time i enter to her blog i stay listening the music of her blog,she play the platers and everytime i had the posibility i acces to her blog and i stay a moments listening the music of her blog but i never imagined the surprise i had a few days ago when i say to her i was moving homeand she say i send you one parcel to your old home...oh! i almost drive me crasy looking for this parcel but finaly i found it in the post and you not imagine my big surprise and joy when i see that she not only send me a parcel of the other side of the world,she also surprised me sending me a book with wonderful recipes from Spain and a cd of the platers with all the music i love.
Thank you so much Isabel and i also invite you all girls to visit her blog

Quiero dar las gracias a una maravillosa mujer..Isabel,ella tiene un maravilloso blog donde puedes encontrar maravillosas recetas y muy agradables comentarios.
La primera vez que entre a su blog yo estaba impresionada,tenia una receta de brownies en solo 5 minutos en micro ondas,no podia resistirme y los prepare y le dije gracias por estos maravillosos brownies,los habia copiado y me quedaron perfectos!...esta es la manera en que empece mi amistad con ella.
La primera vez que entre a su blog tambien me quede escuchando su musica:los platers"..y cada vez que tenia oportunidad entraba a su blog para quedarme unos momentos a escuchar su musica.
Pero nunca imagine la sorpresa que iba a tener cuando le platco que me estoy cambiando de casa y me dice ella que me habia mandado un paquete a mi antigua casa.ohhhhhhhhhh!! casi me vuelvo loca buscando pero finalmente aparecio en el correo pero ustedes no imaginan mi gran sorpresa y alegria de que no solo habia recivido un paquete del otro lado del mundo sino que tambien habia recivido un libro de cocina con recetas españolas y el cd de los platers co toda la musica que amo.
Muchisimas gracias Isabel querida,tambien quiero invitar a todas ustedes a que visiten su blog que se llama

viernes, 6 de agosto de 2010


Hi,i just want say i am sorry for i stop writing in my blog for so much time..i had to move of house,for good,is a big house and i have all space for work..i hope i don't stop visit my blog,i miss you all and i am gonna start work in this days besides i have net now so i am gonna be arround again...
I send you all a very big hug....with all my love Laura.

domingo, 11 de julio de 2010

martes, 29 de junio de 2010


Hi,i want thank with all my love to Cheryl,it make me very happy,thank you Cheryl..
I want pass this award to:
Lady A

miércoles, 12 de mayo de 2010

Diana ,thank you so so much for the awards.

Dear Diana ,i hope it´s ok and again thank you so much.
I want to pass this awards to................................

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

Happy Mother's day..

Here in Mexico is mother's day a very important day in here..i wish all the mother's have a beauty day today...
Feliz dia de las madres..muchas felicidades mi querida Isabel...

viernes, 23 de abril de 2010


Just for send you grettings and hugs,and tell you i already have a pc, for send visit all your beauty blogs,i send you a big hug...

jueves, 15 de abril de 2010


This is the history of my sister Maricarmen ,she was traveling with her friends in buss ,it was her b-day,but the buss stop working,in the middle of the road....but at the end they all laugh a lot ...

Hi and thank you.

Thank you Moni,Vanja,Merry and Sherley for your comments.. i am so sorry i am not able to write comments in your blogs ,but soon i 'll have a new computer for enjoy and write of your blogs...

Diana,i hope everything is fine with you and soon visit your blog i love so much..

Mi querida Isabel ,espero pronto tambien seguir disfrutando de tu blog...

I am trying to up load my cards i hope i can make it,you know in my cards i tell a little story, always a jocke of the things that happen in the life...

I send you all my love to all of you.....Laura.

viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

My dear friends ..

My dear blog's friends...i am sorry for not been atended my blog and not visit your blogs that i love so much and like..
I been having some problems in my personal life as in my pc too, i will start to work and be at day with you, i love all you so much and don't forget of me ...Laura.
Para ti mi querida Isabel, perdon por no haber atendido el blog espero poder ponerme al tanto y no te olvides de visitar mi blog..con todo cariño ....Laura.

lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

Happy birthday dear Anastasia.

Happy birthaday dear Kristian.

Thank you Moni

I want thank to Moni for this lovely award ,it make's me very happy....

Thank you Moni for think of me...

10 things i like to do

my family

my friends

my painting

my crochet



watch tv

my crafts

read my friend's e-mails


I want pass this award to:











Mi querida Isabel,recibi un premio de mi querida amiga Moni de Slovenia,hay que poner 10 cosas que te guste hacer y pasar el premio a 10 personas.

miércoles, 6 de enero de 2010

Merry christmas my dear Mony.

My dear friend moni,i want wish you a Happy Merry Christmas to you an all your family and to all the people that celebrate today the Christmas in 7.1 ....
Merry Christmas and may you all be living a wonderful new year....

domingo, 3 de enero de 2010

To my lovely friends..

I want thank you with all my heart for your support,friendship and for your visits to my blog,and i am so sorry for not have all the atention to my blog, i move of house, my computer fail,i go out of my city..etc..i want thank you all for being as you are,because you are wonderful womans,i wish you since the button of my heart you have much health,word and joy...may you all have a wonderful new year and continue forever wonderful..
with all my love to my best friend:
Moni,for all her support in all this year with her advises and love,thank you Moni.
My dear Isabel,day by day she have something nice for tell.
To Cheryl
To Merry
My dear Di_ani
Susan ....rainy
Thank you all,happy new year...all the best for you today and always..

Para ti mi querida amiga Isabel,gracias por ser como eres, por el correo que me alegra
todos los dias, todo mi cariño para ti y tu familia.

I want to thank to one big person,a greate artist wich help me so much this past year,not
only with advises,she also send me materials since her country for i can work with things i
never find in my country...thank you Tassy,is sad you don't have your new e-mail...

Thank you all and happy new year!!