miércoles, 6 de enero de 2010

Merry christmas my dear Mony.

My dear friend moni,i want wish you a Happy Merry Christmas to you an all your family and to all the people that celebrate today the Christmas in 7.1 ....
Merry Christmas and may you all be living a wonderful new year....

domingo, 3 de enero de 2010

To my lovely friends..

I want thank you with all my heart for your support,friendship and for your visits to my blog,and i am so sorry for not have all the atention to my blog, i move of house, my computer fail,i go out of my city..etc..i want thank you all for being as you are,because you are wonderful womans,i wish you since the button of my heart you have much health,word and joy...may you all have a wonderful new year and continue forever wonderful..
with all my love to my best friend:
Moni,for all her support in all this year with her advises and love,thank you Moni.
My dear Isabel,day by day she have something nice for tell.
To Cheryl
To Merry
My dear Di_ani
Susan ....rainy
Thank you all,happy new year...all the best for you today and always..

Para ti mi querida amiga Isabel,gracias por ser como eres, por el correo que me alegra
todos los dias, todo mi cariño para ti y tu familia.

I want to thank to one big person,a greate artist wich help me so much this past year,not
only with advises,she also send me materials since her country for i can work with things i
never find in my country...thank you Tassy,is sad you don't have your new e-mail...

Thank you all and happy new year!!