lunes, 6 de abril de 2009

I am so happy that Tassy and Moni meet each other,they are beautiful persons.

Hi everyone, i want to tell you something about Tassy, a big friend of my, she is the person i been learned to many things that i know, it was thanks to her, watching her videos from youtube, i didn't know to do anything when i found her, she answer any doud with to many patience and she give you all her secrets about the arts and crafts.
I don't have the words to thank her what she did for me today, she make's me so happy giving me to many presents, to many things that i will never found in my country, she with her love send this to me sence United Kingdom to Mexico, i will never have the way to thank to her all the help she gived to me, as in the craft, as with all this presents, because almost all the materials she send it to me i just to see those only in other works of other persons, thank you Tassy for your help, for the gifts, for all this you send to me, they will help me in my work to get better,for your patience, i am thankfull to you for ever.
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