viernes, 6 de agosto de 2010


Hi,i just want say i am sorry for i stop writing in my blog for so much time..i had to move of house,for good,is a big house and i have all space for work..i hope i don't stop visit my blog,i miss you all and i am gonna start work in this days besides i have net now so i am gonna be arround again...
I send you all a very big hug....with all my love Laura.

6 comentarios:

Merry dijo...

Big hugs and Hi to you too Laura.

doris dijo...

I wish you a wonderful weekend and time to relax Laura!!

xox doris

di_ani dijo...

Dear Laura,
Congratulations on your new home -
I wish you much luck there!
Hugs and smiling summer, Diana

Nannieflash dijo...

Hi Laura I miss you to, Im so glad that you are so happy in your new home and hope it wont be long before your back blogging and creating again. With love and hugs Shirleyxxx

Vanja dijo...

Hi Laura! That is a wonderful news, good luck in your new home! :)

Hugs, Vanja

mary dijo...

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