miércoles, 12 de mayo de 2010

Diana ,thank you so so much for the awards.

Dear Diana ,i hope it´s ok and again thank you so much.
I want to pass this awards to................................

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doris dijo...

Hi Laura,
congratulations on your award!
Thank you so much for passing it on to me!!!

xoxo doris

Merry dijo...

Wow...congrats on such lovely awards Laura and thanks so much for thinking of me and passing them on. I really love the picture in that top award with the arm hugging.

Cheryl dijo...

Hi Laura,Congratulations and thankyou so much for passing these beautiful awards onto to me.
Enjoy your day!!
Hugs xx

di_ani dijo...

Dear Laura,
thanks and greetings for the awards.
Great to manage, hugs, Diana

Nannieflash dijo...

Wow Laura congratulations on winning some beautiful awards, your work is always stunning and I feel you create such fabulous scenes and they must take so long to do. With love and huge hugs Shirleyxxxxxxxxx
I think I might also have to thank you for passing them onto me, bless you my love thats gobsmacking and so humbling.

Moni dijo...

My dear friend, congrats on so many awards and thank you for all awards, you are so special. Will post it on my blog! Hugs, MOni

Phoenix dijo...

Hi Laura! Thanks so much for the awards, I really appreciate it -- thanks so much.
And congratulations on receiving it! Love your blog! :)

Vanja dijo...

Muchas gracias, mi querida Laura! :)