lunes, 17 de agosto de 2009

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doris dijo...

Wunderful Cards!!

Hola Laura,
Tengo un premio para ti, lo tienes que acaba de recoger.

Doris xx

Moni dijo...

Oh my dear Laura, you did fab card, love the scene! I am glad you came with fab ideas! Hugs,Moni

di_ani dijo...

New lovely card!
New awards to me for you - the creative blog, friendship and great cook.
I'll be happy to take them.
Hugs, Diana

Spyder dijo...

Hola Laura! These are wonderful cards. I love them! They remind me of the way I used to do my cards some time ago. I really want to do them that way again, with little people in the cards who are real! People like that, then they can say, oh,that's me!!

Merry dijo...

More wonderful cards. The details are amazing. I love the certificates on the walls and the scrolls on the top of the chair.

Cheryl dijo...

Fantastic cards,you are very creative and the scenes you have created are fabulous!!! Great work!! Thankyou for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment!!
hugs xx